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The National Betta Show has a long established relationship with ZooMed.

ZooMed one of the leading brands in Reptile and vivarium accessories. They also have a love of Betta's too!

Taken directly from their own website, they have roots in America but have quickly become well know world wide. ZooMed founder Gary Bagnall quotes the following on their about us page which we think makes great reading;

In today’s world, not everyone has the opportunity to discover creatures or explore the outdoors. We hope that our philosophy of bringing a bit of nature inside will help bridge the disconnect from the natural world that can so easily happen when engulfed in technology and our otherwise busy lives. Local Herp Clubs, Turtle and Tortoise Clubs, and Aquarium Societies bring hobbyists together ensuring the future of our unique community.


Their Betta related products are always popular at National Betta Show and now have a range called "Betta Bling". These sit along side the very popular Betta Leaf Hammocks , Floating Log & Betta Condo.


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