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Sunday Show Classes

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Whats happening on the Sunday at the National Betta Show?

As well as a full list of classes below to accommodate all tail types, the same show will be rejudged considering only UK bred Bettas. There a fantastic amount of people breeding stunning Bettas right here in the UK and the National Betta Show wants to support and recognise that achievement.

Never entered before? Check out this link: Here!

The Sunday show at this years show will be judged by familiar faces for regular attendee's. Patricia Jones, Head Judge will be accompanied by Mr Michael Price, Mr Les Pearce and Mr Steve Grant.

We will be asking competitors for that show to tell us how many of their fighters are home bred. When placed on the competition rack, UK bred fish will have an identifier.

Once the classes have been judged for all fish, it will be judged again considering only the UK bred ones.

This will not only give us a standard class winners and prizes, but will also add a UK bred class winner, best male, best female AND.. UK bred Best In Show!

Below is the class list for this years National Betta Show:

  1. Plakat Male

  2. Veiltail Male

  3. Half Moon Male

  4. Delta / Super Delta Male

  5. Double Tail Male

  6. Crowntail Male

  7. Giant Male

  8. Dumbo Male

  9. AOV (Any other variety) Male

  10. Plakat Female

  11. Crowntail Female

  12. Giant Female

  13. AOV (Any other variety) Female

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