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My Journey - Fry to Trophy Fish - Part 2

My Journey - Fry to Trophy Fish - Part 2

Maria Örnberg's story from starting out to National Betta Show team member and Top European Breeder.

Fresh from by success at my first Betta show, I was looking for a new challenge.

Michael Kirkham had been telling me for a long time that I had to try breeding. My boys had done so well at the show, so I thought I would give it a try.

After searching for quite some time, I found a lovely orange HM female of which I put together with DeLuca. I spent hours reading various meathods and double checking with google searches. I also sent messages to a few other people who I knew had bred before I let them loose. It was a successful first try, I don’t think I have actually had such an easy spawn ever since. Beginners Luck!

I was fascinated by everything, the breeding process, the parternal care. I was also exited, to see how these babies would look as they grew.

One day I will do a write up about my meathods for breeding and raising Bettas but for now we will stick with my Betta journey.

The next show I attended was in June 2016, The National Betta Show up in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. I was thinking to myself…..this is insane, driving a car full of betta fish, 40L water in containers that I need to keep warm overnight somehow and get this load into my hotel room, then out again to get to the show grounds in the morning. The previous show had been much much closer and this was a big step for me & my Bettas.

As before there were lots of familiar faces and lots of helping hands to get my fish ready and benched just in time. This time I took some of my own breeds and I was so happy when they got a few 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements. The best it for me was claiming Best Female in Show. It started to feel like I might be doing something right!

Hot off the back of success in Barnsley 2016, I was invited to attend B4A Show in Holland “Bettas 4 All”. Only own bred bettas allowed there. I sadly couldn’t go but Michael took my Super Red Halfmoon male (son of DeLuca) to enter for me. He came in 2nd in that class – I now seriously got the bug to breed my own for shows and improve on what I already achieved.

During the Autumn/Winter 2016/17 I set up a few spawns of the lines I that I wanted to continue which included a few experiments. My top tip here choose your pair as carefully as you possible can. It is as hard work to raise a spawn from top grade fish as it is of mediocre fish.

In June 2017 I set off again, up north to Barnsley, South Yorkshire to attend the next “National Betta Show”. The event had grown yet again. More and more people seem to visit every time. This time I brought 95% of my own bred bettas and I’m proud to say they did very well indeed, including Best own Bred in Show. 

The next natural step to learn more, see better fish and get more involved..? Head abroad to the Holland Betta Show myself. The next installment will be all about my visit to Arcen.

To be continued

Thanks for reading so far...


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