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Entering Your Bettas - How to Book Exhibit Tanks

Booking of exhibit tanks will be available shortly to book for the 2019 National Betta Show.

This year we have implemented a new system, you will be asked to book and pay for your Bettas entering in advance at a rate of £1 per fish. Exhibit booking will be available in the tickets section of the website ( Found here )

Booking an exhibit allows it into the Saturday or Sunday or both if eligible and you wish.

For those who have not entered before, we provide the tanks and water, Betta are perfectly happy in our heated show room for a weekend, all you need to do is book tickets and exhibit entry.

Here is a link to last years entry advice: Click!

For the initial release of booking each ticket holder is restricted to 10 exhibits. We may raise this closer to the show and every one will be given fair warning through our social media channels.

You will be contacted via email or social media if you have booked exhibits to check which shows you plan to enter.

Questions? Head over to our facebook group and have a chat...

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