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Bettas4All Judging Panel

Drum roll please.....

Here is the confirmed judging panel for the Bettas4All sanctioned show which will be judged on Saturday 22nd June 2019 as part of the National Betta Show.

Certified Judges

Jamie King - Australia / Czech Republic

Joep van Esch - The Netherlands

Michiel van Bemmel - The Netherlands

Alex Grimm - Germany


Maria Ornberg - Sweden/UK/National Betta Show!

Abi Rowlands - United Kingdom

To learn more about the show classes and judging principles we suggest that you have a read up on their website if you have not entered a show judged to their standard before.

Please be aware, a key fact of the Bettas4All show is that the particpant entering the Betta into the show must have also bred and reared the fish!


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