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Betta Show 2019 - Whats On!

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

This year, as you will have guessed, the National Betta Show is again to be held over two days following the success of the format last year. We look forward to welcoming anyone with any interest in Betta splendens to event. Here is an outline of what is happening and on which day. You might decide to visit for an hour with the family just to see and buy some fantastic new Bettas... You might stay all weekend and soak up the great atmosphere at a more leisurely pace. One thing is for certain it is definitely not to be missed!


On Friday most of team will be at the Oak Hotel early on setting up. Visitors from Europe and the the UK will be arriving to get comfortable and get ready for the weekend ahead. Some visitors will be getting their fish ready on the show bench ready for the Bettas4All judged show on Saturday. On Friday night we will be enjoying a relaxed social evening. Chatting about breeding, judging & keeping our favourite fish. The restaurant on site do really good food and drink which I am sure we will be taking advantage of.


On Saturday the National Betta Show will be in full swing. You can expect to find all this going on.

Judging of the Bettas4All Show - This will take place through out the day. The Bettas4All team judge to a set of standards written by themselves and have four shows throughout Europe. They judge collaboratively through discussion. For those not familliar with how Betta judging works it is a great opportunity to learn something new.

Prize Giving - Certificates and prizes will be awarded from the days show at the end of the social dinner.

Social Dinner - Available for booking here. People attending any of the weekend are welcome to join us for a three course sit down meal. The evening will not be formal; just a great value & excellent quality meal with the opportunity to sit and chat about the species of fish so close to all our hearts. We think that is a great opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and laughter.


On Sunday the National Betta Show will again be in flow. This day is similar to the Betta show that we used to hold in Barnsley. You can expect to find a familiar structure and friendly faces.

Judging if the National Betta Show - This will take place through out the day. Our own team of expert judges will select the finest Betta's entered in various classes. The full class list for this show will be released no later than the month prior to the show.

Prize Giving - Certificates and prizes will be awarded from the days show.

Throughout The Weekend

Trade sellers

On site through out the weekend you will find a variety of sales stands. These will range from stunning Betta's & foods to equipment and aquariums. The National Betta Show is always the best opportunity every year to pick up some fantastic Betta's for the year ahead and refill on essentials.

Raffles & Give Aways

All weekend we will be raffling off & giving away Betta related goodies

Help & Advice

Dont have any Betta's yet? Dont really know much about the species? Want to learn about these fantastic fish? Then come along to the show on either day! Shows and events can look scary especially if you havent been before. We do everything we can to welcome everyone to the show. Throughout the weekend dozens of people will be around to lend advice, explain how to show a Betta, explain judging and much more!

Endler Live Bearer Display

Friends of the Betta show will be holding a display of Endler live bearers all weekend. They will be there to give information and assistance on these interesting fishes.

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