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Betta Registration Is OPEN!

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

The moment many of you have been waiting for so patiently has arrived!

We want to point a few things first though...

There lots of new articles on the news section with advice for those new to the idea of entering fish. This year you have two shows you choose from, on two different days!

Saturday - Bettas4All judged show

Enter your fish through the same booking form and select the option or both shows. Please remember though, all fish entered into this show must be bred by the person entering the exhibited Bettas. This will be the first Bettas4All show held in the UK and gives people to try out something new.

Sunday - National Betta Show

Again, enter your fish through the same booking form and select the option or both shows. Imported, purchased, own bred or any Bettas may compete in this show. This show will also feature a competition for the best UK Bred Bettas.

This the show which many of you have participated in before and we look forward to welcoming you back again. We greatly appreciate your support.

  • You are limited at this time to 15 fish per person. Both shows. We may raise this at a later date which will be broadcast on our social media so please follow those.

  • You can only enter fish if you have purchased a ticket to the show. This applies to all competitions, even if you are send fish with others. We will only award prizes to ticket holders. Regarding family tickets, the rules as stated previously on our facebook feed are: Only one adult name per family ticket can be awarded cards and prizes. Fish may be entered in kids names, kids will be expected to be there to collect there prizes. Fill the form in with their name if they are entering!

So with out further delay the link below will take you to the entry form.

Now closed for 2018

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