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Advice on entering fish into the show!

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

National Betta Show – Entry Guidelines

How to show fish at our event!

Tanks needs to pre-booked using the link in the menu bar of the website or found in the news section of the website. When booking tanks we need to know number of tanks required (this allows us to lay out the room before the event). Each participant is initially capped at on entries with additional tanks released close to the event.

  • We will be able to provide water over the weekend. If you would like to bring your own aged and conditioned water that is also fine.

  • We provide the tanks, they are allocated to you on arrival.

  • Transport your fish to the show in plastic bags or tubs

  • It will help if you don’t feed to reduce waste during transport and while on show bench for judging. Healthy, well conditioned Bettas will remain healthy for 3-4 days minimum without food in good quality water.

  • It is June, ensure that your fish do not get too warm. Then again this is the UK, check they don't get too cold too.

  • It will be useful to bring a length of airline to siphon any waste from the show tank also a cloth to wipe any water marks from the tanks is also a good idea .

  • Once in the tanks the tanks should be placed on the show bench in the correct class using the screen cards supplied. DO NOT move other exhibits if needed ask a member of the NBS team to move exhibits.

  • During judging, some of the room may be closed. You are free to look around the rest of the room however please do not speak to the judges while they are judging the fish.

  • There will be time after judging to speak to them. In fact there will be all weekend.

  • Results will be posted in the show room during the day so you can check if your fish have won.

  • Once judging is over the room will be open for viewing please do not touch or move the exhibits until instructed.

  • Once the show is over de-benching will be called, at this point you can remove your fish from the bench and repack for the trip home. Tanks should be returned to a member of NBS team to cross off the list.

  • You can only enter fish if you have purchased a ticket to the show. This applies to all competitions, even if you are send fish with others. We will only award prizes to ticket holders. Regarding family tickets, the rules as stated previously on our facebook feed are: Only one adult name per family ticket can be awarded cards and prizes. Fish may be entered in kids names, kids will be expected to be there to collect there prizes. Fill the form in with their name if they are entering!

  • Any damages or losses will be charged to the exhibitor.

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