The National Betta Show was formed by a group of good friends with a mutual love of Betta splendens many years ago.


We set out to create a fun, family-friendly, gathering for people that shared our appreciation for fighters.

Year upon year we have pushed to create a bigger and better event, to involve more people and put on a show for everyone.


You can expect at our events to see the very best fish imported into the country, right next to the finest of the UK & Europe's homegrown bettas. There is always a great social atmosphere which helps share knowledge and experience. All of our organisers have travelled Europe wide sharing their experiences and learning as much as they can about these wonderful Anabantoids. We work closely to support the AAGB (Anabantoid Association of Great Britain) and Bettas4all. 

The AAGB is the go-to organisation here in the UK for general Anabantoid information and keeping. The Bettas4All team are behind the hugely popular Holland Betta Show which is comfortably the biggest own bred fighter show in Europe. 


Previous Shows

The best way to understand what happens at these events to visit in June but we can assure you we have never had a bad review yet! To the side is a gallery of a few of our previous shows. These include winners, bettas, prizes and other snapshots. 

Message from event director Jamie Horne:  

There are profiles for all the team members involved in the NBS which can be found here

We are all very active in the hobby and can be found regularly at other shows countrywide.  We are all also on social media, don't be a stranger, drop by the facebook group and say hello! 




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